each consult is geared to helping you get back to feeling your best...

Your first consult reviews your health history, key symptoms and aims to investigate the root cause(s) of your health issue(s). The majority of health issues have a stress and emotional component as part of the cause, so it is highly recommended that you incorporate this as part of your program. Clients who are prepared to address stress and emotional health in their lives tend to have health improvements far more rapidly and stay well.

The first consult is normally the longest as we discuss your health issues in depth and agree on a plan, allow 1 - 1.5 hours. If you have medical tests it is good to bring it with you so we can review and discuss. Often after one consult most clients have some improvement but it normally takes more than one consult to fix long term issues. By three consults you should be feeling much better and if you aren't we will be discussing areas for you to explore either with me or with other practitioners. However please allow some time, your body is designed to be well, with a little bit of help and patience it can do it!!

Normally at the first consult we will discuss nutrition and how specific foods can act as medicine for your situation, sometimes we try a few supplements as well to see how you respond if you need them. This is important, taking lots of supplements all at one time makes it very hard to understand what is working, this is normally only required for clients who are very seriously ill and their body can no longer make the nutrients for themselves. Also remember if a client is very unwell, lots of supplements can actually cause issues so it is rarely recommended and a very expensive approach.

On your second consult we review your progress, this is an important step, a lot of good information comes from your second consult, it allows us to fine tune your program so that you start to feel better more quickly and we can start to see how your body is responding. At this point depending on progress we will either continue with the program or we will consider if any tests may help identify some key issues which are affecting your progress.

Fertility clients have a slightly different structure as we normally start working together prior to conception to get mum and dad really healthy, we have pregnancy checks along the way, birth preparation and a highly recommended post natal visit(s) to give mum and baby the necessary support during this busy time!