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Consultation Rates

20 mins - $50 (available to current patients only)
30 mins - $70
45 mins - $85
60 mins - $100
75 mins - $120
90 mins - $140
2 hours - $170

$10 off consultation rates for under fives and pensioners. Rebates available with most health funds if you have extras, please confirm with your private health insurance company.


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Hyperbaric Rates

Current patients:

$80 for 5 x 1.5 hr treatments
$95 for ad hoc 1.5hr treatment

Treatment includes 1 full hour in mild HBOT chamber, this is important as benefits really require a full 1 hr treatment, including oxygen via canula to increase O2 saturation. It takes 10mins to compress and 10 mins to decompress minimum to ensure patient comfort, rapid compression and decompression is not advised.

New patients need to do a consult first this is charged as per above rates to ensure health history and medications are known prior to undertaking mild hyperbaric.